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    May 25, 2017

    I really wanted to touch base this week on motivation. Motivation is a driving force for all of us to achieve our goals and in my case, paying off debt.

    I really wanted to highlight motivation this week because I have been having a peaks and valleys week. There have been a lot of highs and some lows regarding our debt. Let me explain, finding motivation for me during this debt free journey means looking at the small victories because it will lead to bigger victories. So saving 60% on my groceries in a trip helps keep me motivated and continuing down a positive path. This month Tyler and I faced some bigger peaks and valleys then what we are used too.  

    Tyler and I were feeling awesome at the beginning of the month, we FINALLY paid off a credit card that has been haunting us for while. It was one of those credit cards with high interest and every month when the interest kicked it, it was almost like we didn’t make a payment. So to get that off of our snowball was an awesome way to start a month!

    The week had a lot of motivation and positivity and even more determination to pay off debt. We were crunching numbers and talking about how face we would pay off debt. Our debt is being paid off in two parts. Part 1 includes paying off all credit cards and personal loans, minus our car, by the time student loans kick in which starts in October, or so we thought. We found out there is a type of error with Tyler’s student loans and we might have to start paying student loans in June. Making it impossible to pay everything off by September. If so, we will be slowing down our debt snowball part one by a lot.  



    It was such a bummer to feel like our goals were not going to be reached as quickly as we wanted. Honestly, it did wipe my motivation for the week. I was anxious about paying off the debts but I was also defeated. Acceptance started to settle in that we were going to be paying off debt for the next 10 years.

    But then we decided to do something about it…

    Then we took another look at our budget and income this month and figured out that we could pay extra money on our Paypal balance! Destroying TWO of our debts in one month! It was exactly what we needed to recharge our motivation and to finish off the month strong. The student loan fiasco has not been fixed but knowing that we are closer that we thought is helping. It was something that was not planned but it was a huge accomplishment for us. It really helped build us and our motivation up again.

    After paying off our Paypal balance, it started us back on the right path. We are building ourselves back up and it is not just from debt stand point. I have not been as focus on my diet and training lately so I have been feeling not great about myself and I do not have as much energy. So I am getting back on task! I have three weeks until my race and I am going to be ready!

    What have you been doing to keep yourself motivated? What do you do to kick yourself back in gear?

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