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    Motivation Monday Vol. 3

    July 24, 2017

    Can you believe that it is almost August already? Summer is almost over and it flew by! Let’s talk about what is going on in my world!

    Free Date Night!

    Saturday, Tyler and I got to experience one of my favorite free date night ideas in Chicago. We went to Navy Pier with his family on Saturday and watched the fireworks.

    If you don’t know what Navy Pier is, it is a pier in downtown Chicago on the lake that used to be the home of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Now it houses a beer garden, restaurants, a children’s museum, boat cruise ships, and a huge Ferris Wheel.

    Courtesy of @kimberlykaeofthemilkyway

    Now for some reason, locals hate Navy Pier; I happen to love it! Experiencing his family’s first time at Navy Pier was pretty cool! We also went to the Lincoln Park Zoo that day which is another one of my favorite places in the city. Also, a great free day date idea.

    Oh, The Agony!

    So I had to take a week off of training for my half marathon this past week. I overtrained and pushed through the pain instead of listening to my body. I ended up aggravating my calves and messing up some scar tissue from the surgery I had on my calves so I took a week off. But this week, I’m going to get back in the game!

    To Do List Fails

    I have been so bad at completing my to do list lately! Not even the little stuff is getting done! Hopefully this week Tyler and I can get back on track and get some things done! We need to work on storage units, laundry, and cleaning the house! We needed another day this weekend! Have you ever had weekends like that?

    Goals For the Month

    I make goals monthly for myself. July Goals were:

    1) No Spend 60% of the month⠀

    2) Get loan #1 down to under $1k⠀

    3) Pay off credit card⠀

    4) Lose 3 lbs⠀

    5) Train for half marathon!⠀

    And so far, we have completed Goal #2 and #3! We are still on track for #1 and #5.

    Although I have not lost any weight, I have not gained any of the weight back. So next month, I will really get in gear back into weight loss.

    Do you have goals for the month? How are your goals going?

    Have a great week!

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