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    Freaking Awesome Friday: Ebates

    May 19, 2017

    Ebates should be on every Freaking Awesome Friday! Why? Because you get a Big Fat Check every 3 months for just shopping on things you would normally buy! From hotels, Etsy, Target and more! This includes online and some in store purchases! How awesome is that? You have probably seen the commercial on it and honestly, I was a little hesitant because of it. This sounds WAY too good to be true.  But it actually is.

    The number one question I receive when talking about Ebates is “Where does the money come from?” Well, when you click a link and shop at the store, Ebates receives a fee. They share that fee with you in the cash back program. Let me tell you about some ways you can shop using Ebates.

    When you are shopping at your favorite stores like Kohls, Etsy, and Groupon, a notification will pop up on your chrome window letting you know that Ebates will give you a certain percentage back. You activate your cashback and after you make a purchase, you will receive an email that will notify of the cash back total you will be receiving on your Big Fat Check! I mean, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

    When you are searching through Google for something in general like flights, hotels, clothes, Ebates makes so easy for you to identify which stores qualify for cash back. They tell you above the website how much you can earn depending on the site. This can make sure that you are earning the most amount of cash back.

    I used other points systems like Swagbucks for my shopping and honestly, tend to lean towards Ebates now. I am making more money than with Swagbucks and it is a lot easier and sometimes faster to receive my money. To get your Big Fat Check, you can set it up so they send the money to your Paypal account and it is transferred to your bank but you can also receive a check in the mail!

    Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

    They are having a signup bonus right now! If you sign up using this link you will receive an additional $10 upon your first purchase! I mean, free money and you save when you shop at your favorite stores? It will sure help when purchasing all of those wedding presents this summer! Bed, Bath and Beyond is currently giving 2% cash back!

    Have you used Ebates before? What do you think?

    A win I wanted to highlight during this week’s Freaking Awesome Friday. Tyler and I have officially paid off not one but TWO credit card debts this week! We are so incredibly excited! Now, we are on track for getting all credit cards and personal loans (minus the car) paid off by September, 2017! Student loans will kick in then BUT knowing that those higher interest rates will soon be behind us is a huge deal.

    I hope everyone had a great week and even better weekend! We are participating in our first garage sale! Wish us luck! All of the extra money will be going to our Memorial Day Family Weekend and Debt! What are you up to during your long weekend?

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