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    Freaking Awesome Friday: ibotta

    April 28, 2017

    One of the first apps I started using on my mission to save and earn money was ibotta. Ibotta is an awesome app with a really simple premise that helps you earn money while you shop! When you shop in store at selected stores or online via the app, you unlock deals or virtual coupons. These deals could be from your local grocery store, Costco, restaurant, clothing store, and more!

    Once you unlock the deal and you purchase that item (be mindful of expiration dates), you will be prompted to verify your purchases. You will simply take a photo of your receipt and scan the barcode of the items you purchased. The value of the coupon will go to your account and you can redeem your rewards via PayPay, Venmo, or gift cards!

    Another way you can save money with ibotta is unlocking coupons for purchases for in their Mobile Shopping category! Stores like, Apple Music, Urban Outfitters, Groupon and more are giving you cash back options by unlocking deals and shopping via the ‘Shop’ button in the app. It will direct you to the store’s website or app where you can make your purchase and earn cash back!

    Since we are on a budget, I use this app for my grocery shopping. The grocery deals are updated weekly and cover everything from milk and eggs, to snacks, to wine and spirits! Some stores you even partner with your loyalty card for easy redemption!

    It is SO easy to sign up. Start by downloading the app, HERE, and earn a new user welcome bonus of $10! You will receive the bonus after you redeem your first coupon into your account! Need a little more of an incentive – this week at Target you can save your first .75 cents if you active the .25 cents on ANY ITEM, .25 cents on bananas, and .25 cents on bread! Add that to your new user bonus and you will have $10.75 in your account!

    If you’re the shopper in the family, there are a lot of bonuses available for you to choose from to help you start earning money while you shop! I hope you love ibotta as much as I do! Just in case, here is the link again to sign up!

    Let me know what your first purchase with ibotta was and how much you saved!

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