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    Father’s Day Gifts

    June 7, 2017

    Father’s day is June 18th of this month! If you haven’t stopped to think about what to give your Dad, now is the time to do it! I tend to see most people go all out for Mother’s Day (as we should!) but sometimes Father’s Day can fall on the wayside. So I wanted to give my recommendations on budget friendly options for your dad. I mean, he deserves it right?

    Every Dad is a little different, whether he is a “Stay out in the garage all Weekend” Dad or a “Watching the game in his favorite recliner” dad, there is something here for him that won’t break your budget!

    The Dad That Stays in his Garage All Weekend:

    There is something about a garage that keeps a Dad busy. Tools are great options for those garage dwellers.

    Stud Finder:
    I’m not sure why but my dad is always very possessive about his stud finder. He always knows when I borrow it and demands it back. It is a great tool when you are hanging things on walls so this could be a gift for everyone.

    A tool kit for that new dad or a dad that doesn’t consider himself handy but could probably use some additions to his tool kit. This kit is a great choice!

    That Dad with the Baseball Obsession:

    Every Dad has a favorite baseball team. is having an Awesome Father’s Day Sale! You could save up to 50% at on your Dad’s favorite baseball team.Just use this link! My Dad is a huge cubs fan and their t-shirts and jersey look awesome!



    I also really love these team caps!

    Shop for 2016 World Series fan gear and collectibles at

    Classic Dad Gifts:

    When I was looking at potential gifts for my Dad I thought about those awesome “Classic Dads”. Those are the Dads that I was aiming at when I saw these gift recommendations.

    Chipping Net:

    This is a great gift for the golfer Dad or the Dad that thinks he is a golfer but could use some assistance.

    Toilet Golf:

    How funny is this? I think guys are hardwired to spend excessive time in the bathroom. This may extend his time in the bathroom but you know he will be having a lot of fun!

    That Dad That Always Loses his Sunglasses:

    My Dad is guilty of losing his sunglasses so frequently that my Mom refuses to buy him any anymore. These are quality sunglasses for a fraction of the price for Dad! Right now Glasses Shop is having a sale! Buy one pair get one free!

    Classic Aviators:


    Father's day sale! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE- Use Coupon Code GSDAD At - Ends 6/18/17

    The Dad with the Awesome Beard:

    I know I appreciate a great beard! Sometimes Dad’s don’t realize that there are tools and products out there to help them achieve an upgraded beard. Here are some of the favorites I have found!

    Beard Comb:


    Beard Oil and Balm:


    What did you get your Dad for Father’s day? Does your family have any traditions?

    Featured Image:Hope House Press

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