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    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new Adventure!

    April 18, 2017


    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new adventure!

    “See Celeste Save” will document my journey in paying off debt by using the tips and tools I have discovered to save as much money as possible in an effort to become debt free. I hope that you will enjoy and learn from my research, discoveries, and trial and error experiences faced as I tackle this new lifestyle change.

    First, a little about me. I am a 29 years old and I have lived in Chicago on and off for about 10 years. I have always been a saver and a planner and when my boyfriend and I combined finances, I decided to help him pay off his debts. One of the biggest reasons I decided to join him in his debt free journey is to invest in our future. We are very committed and I know that being partners on something as massive as debt will be a huge help.

    So I started to to utilize different tools, podcasts, and websites in an attempt to restructure our finances to both save more and contribute a larger portion of our income to our debts. When I spoke to my friends regarding the tips and tricks that I found, they first thought I was crazy! But after they heard how much I had saved and earned, they wanted to know more. So I thought I would share what I am learning and trying as I go through our debt pay off journey. Hopefully through all of this, you will be able to learn and benefit from my experiences!

    My boyfriend and I have been on this journey for almost a year to become debt free but also to save up for our travels. We love to travel and try to do it as often as possible but adventure doesn’t come cheap (or does it?). So while we are very committed to paying off our debt, we also realize that we want to be able to take advantage of travelling and saving up for those weekends away. Every little bit saved helps and goes towards something that we appreciate.

    One of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog is accountability. The journey to paying off debts will not be easy and I will mess up; but through this process I hope to learn from you and you from me. So I would love to hear your tips and tricks as we go along!
    So welcome to my crazy new adventure! It is going to be a fun and wild ride.