Motivation Monday Vol. 2

July 17, 2017

We made it halfway through July! I hope everyone’s budgets are still intact! Ours is still holding on for now! This week is going to be a very busy week for us!

I was thinking about how summer is almost over already! I saw a back to school ad this week and I heard of some of my Instagram friends taking their kids for back to school shopping! Are you ready for back to school? 

Extra Payments!

We were able to put an extra $500 on loan #1 this month, helping us achieve our goal of getting that loan down to under $1k. I’m hoping to make another payment on it by the end of the month to make sure next month we will be concentrating on loan #2 and the first of many student loans. We also paid off the credit card! Lots of success with debt this month thanks to our side hustles and bonuses.


This is something I want to bring up to Tyler in next month’s budget meeting. I think I would like to include a small amount of the budget for giving. I thought it would be awesome for both of us to pick an organization and alternate months of giving to the organization. It can’t be a huge amount to start off with but it is better than nothing, right?

Do you give to any organizations or do you including giving/tithing in your budget?


Well, Game of Thrones started back up and it is a show that Tyler and I both enjoy so we are excited about the newest season! But I also had the opportunity to watch “The Handmaiden’s Tale” on Hulu. It is definitely an interesting watch and I would highly recommend it. I have also started to watch “Madam Secretary”. I LOVE it! From the relationship dynamics to the amazing plots. I am pretty hooked.

Half Marathon Training

Well, running is becoming more enjoyable. Long runs are getting longer, this week I ran a 10k which has not happened since my first 10k. Next weekend is 7 miles! (eek) I am pretty nervous. I have been seeing more and more people training for different races.

Are you training for anything? How is it going? Are your knees hurting from over training like mine?


This week was the 1 year anniversary of buying my Jeep! I still love it so I know that I made a great decision. It is nice to not look out the window and be unhappy with my car.

Essential Oils/Candles

I started to really use my essential oils this week. My initial thought was to get rid of the candles and essential oils that have been collecting dust but I am really enjoying it! Burning calming oils at night have helped during the last stressful week.

Do you burn candles or essential oils? What is your favorite method or brand of essential? I am not running low and need ideas!

What is going on in your world? How is your budget looking like for the last two weeks of the month?

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