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    July 12, 2017

    I’m a Hustler Baby

    When we first started to get serious about paying off debt, I knew that we needed to increase our income. Any and all additional income would go directly towards the debt and so far we have been doing well really increasing our income. So I wanted to share side hustle ideas and companies we’re currently using to increase our income.


    From to family and friend’s children, babysitting is an easy side hustle to pick up, especially if you have children of your own! I picked up weekend and evening babysitting jobs in college, which helped tremendously! I would recommend if you do not have children or do not have any experience with children, that you take a CPR and babysitting course. They are normally offered at hospitals, churches, and community centers. But they teach you a lot of important safety information, as well as fun activities to do with the children.

    Dog Walker/Sitting

    Living in a highly populated city like Chicago, there are a lot of dog walking and sitting companies out there, but most require a lot of time and effort in order to make any money. A good friend of mine (Hi Candace!) recommended and I really like it! To sign up you must pay for a background check and fill out a profile about yourself, as well as how much you love dogs, which is super easy because I LOVE dogs. You create your own pricing and availability, then pet owners contact you to watch or walk their pet. Rover has a lot of resources to help with promoting yourself and they also have an emergency line if anything serious were to happen. I really enjoy it! Rover does have a promotion going on now if you need a sitter: ROVER REFERRAL LINK  you will receive $20 off your first booking! If you are looking to sign up with Rover, use this link SIGN UP TO EARN MONEY!

    Food Delivery

    These aren’t the most glamorous jobs, but they are great side hustles! Pizza Delivery, Postmates, Uber Eats, Caviar, and more are all easy jobs to get. Most of the time you just need to apply and start working. If you are trying to get into shape, you can sometimes bike to deliveries. But it is a great second job where you can hop in when you have time to earn extra money.


    From working at a clothing store, grocery, or other customer service jobs, retail companies are ALWAYS hiring. A lot of companies like to staff part-time workers to fill in gaps on nights and weekends. The tough part of retail is the temptation to buy what you are selling or working with, like clothes. It is generally easy work and requires little to no training. It also helps if you work for a chain. I worked at a women’s clothing store when I was at school in Florida, and when I moved back home I was able to easily get a job at a different location because of my experience at the other store.


    I will say, if you have any experience in the restaurant industry, these jobs are the easiest to get. Restaurants and bars are always hiring and they are looking for night and weekend shifts to be filled. These jobs are hard work, but there is also a great pay off when you are busy. I have used in the past as well as craigslist to find different positions and a lot of the time they want just seasonal work. I would highly recommend looking into these positions.

    Also, when you are in the industry you will find an awesome community, which is sometimes the best part. So if you don’t have the best culture in your 9-5, you can definitely find great friends here!


    Freelancing is great when you have the skill set that companies are looking for (ie. graphic design, videographer, photographer, SEO management). I have found certain websites like that also look for customer service freelancers and other categories. Companies post positions on and you apply from the site. It is another great option, especially if you want to work from home and on your own schedule.

    The one thing I do want to caution with freelancing is the tax implications. Your annual taxes might be affected dramatically if you take outside freelance jobs. One way to be prepared for this is to utilize the freelancer rule in the Qapital App. I have talked about it in this previous post. But it is an easy tool to set up that will pull out a percentage of your earnings in your freelancing positions to use for taxes. You can sign up with Qapital using this link and receive $10!


    If you are a neat person or what to try and be more neat, cleaning other people’s houses will help with that and you will also have the opportunity to earn extra money! and are two great resources in order to find jobs. If you are in a small town, classifieds and job posters are another great tool in order to reach people. These jobs are great because they only last about 2-3 hours and repeat customers are easy to get.

    Asking for More Hours

    This is one thing that Tyler did in order to help! Luckily, the company he works for was also looking for a weekend position. They said yes and although it might cost the company a little more than an entry position, there was no training time involved and Tyler has been able to also stay late and provide the company with much-needed support during after hours.

    I think the key to getting the extra hours, especially when you are in a salaried position is to approach your management with choices. Tyler said that he needed to bring in more income to the household and provided options to where the company as a whole was able to benefit from him working the extra hours. He works in transportation which is a very high-stress industry so he took on a lot with sometimes working 15 hrs in a day or 7 days a week, but his determination is inspiring.

    So what are your side hustles? What has been the worst and best side hustle you have ever had?

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